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The case is a kind of narrative reminiscence.

December 10, 2020

Latest company case about The case is a kind of narrative reminiscence.

In case analysis and mining, it is found that no matter what kind of real cases are, they all contain the following elements without exception:
Real and complex situations


A case is a description of a real situation.
Typical event
Real case descriptions do not keep a running account, but merely sketch out a very typical and representative scenario. In other words, a case is a statement where people pay particular attention. Of course, the background conditions and causes of the focus should be explained concisely.
Multiple problem presentation
A case to show conflict, climax, there must be a number of problems or difficult problems. This is the potential bright spot in the meaning of the case.
Typical solutions
Since the case is a very general story, many people pay attention to how the story ends, that is, there is one or more solutions. This result is important for people not, people can rely on his own understanding of trying to guess the solution, however, the story itself solution anyway had been outsiders cannot be achieved, so that it can be a cause or to stimulate new ideas and behavior of the prototype, it could also be the important reason for this story called case. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the ornament of the style of throwing bricks and inviting jade. This embellishment should only be an objective neutral description of the truth of the matter. So as not to give rise to all sorts of negative biases against the story itself.
Therefore, when writing a case, people should pay attention to the above four elements. It helps people to better understand the case and study the case.

latest company case about The case is a kind of narrative reminiscence.  0

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