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First of all, do not use it in backlight (this is the same with CCD), especially not pointing directly at the sun, otherwise the "magnifying glass burning ants" tragedy will happen to your camera head. Secondly, ambient light should not be too weak, otherwise it will directly affect the image quality. There are two ways to overcome this difficulty. One is to increase ambient brightness, and the other is to choose a product that requires minimal illumination, some of which can reach up to 5lux.


  • Normally we accept T/T and Western Union.
  • Normally we accept T/T and Western Union.


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The last thing to notice is the proper use of zoom lens, don't underestimate this, through the correct adjustment, the camera can also have the function of shooting chip. Among the digital cameras on the market, CCD and CMOS are basically equal parts color. Limited by the market situation and market development, few manufacturers adopt CCD image sensor for camera, mainly because of the high cost of CCD image sensor.

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