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380V CCM Continuous Casting Machine , Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine

380V CCM Continuous Casting Machine , Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine
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Warranty: 1 Year
Abbreviation: CCDR
Key Word: CCM Continuous Casting Machine
Certificate: ISO9001
Condition: New
Advantages: Mechanization And Automation.
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continuous casting machine


aluminium continuous casting machine

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: CE Certification
Model Number: OEM
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Packaging Details: Carton, pallet, wooden case or according to customer's package requirements
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: 30% deposit + 70% T/T before shipping
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
Product Description

CCM Continuous Casting Machine


Continuous casting machine overview

The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into a billet having a certain section shape and a certain size specification is called continuous steel casting.

The equipment required to complete this process is called a continuous casting plant. The electromechanical and hydraulic integration of the steel casting equipment, the continuous casting machine body equipment, cutting area equipment, dummy bar collection and conveying equipment constitutes the core part of the continuous steel casting equipment, which is customarily called the continuous casting machine.



Continuous casting direct rolling(CCDR)is a steel rolling process that pouring liquid steel into a continuous casting machine to cast a billet (called continuous casting billet), then without cooling, after holding in soaking furnace for a certain time, the CCbillet is directly rolled into hot continuous rolling machine. According to the product specifications and continuous casting direct rolling process requirements, the following production lines are prepared. The line is short-flow layout, compact layout, smooth process and low production cost!


Process flow

Steel scrap - medium frequency smelting - continuous casting - rough rolling (three-roll shuttle rolling) - hydraulic cutting head - pneumatic tail cutting - continuous rolling unit - cooling - cut to length - collection and packaging - inspection - listing - storage


1. The liquid steel heated into a molten state is loaded into a steel ladle, and is lifted by a crane (bridge crane) to the top of the continuous casting machine;

2. The liquid steel in the steel ladle is injected into the continuous casting machine for continuous casting production, and the continuous casting billet is pulled out from the lower part of the continuous casting machine;

3. Using a flying shear to cut the continuous casting billet into length and sending it into the tunnel soaking furnace;

4. The continuous casting billet advances slowly in the tunnel soaking furnace to ensure that the temperature of the continuous casting billet is uniform and constant; (Note: the length of the tunnel soaking furnace is usually between 100-200 meters, or even longer to 250m)

5. The continuous casting billet exits from the other end of the tunnel soaking furnace and then enters the hot rolling machine for rolling;

6. The steel after rolling enters the water cooling section for laminar cooling;

7. The steel after laminar cooling enters the coiler for coiling;

8. The steel rolled into a roll shape is transported by the crane into the finished product warehouse for storage.



Composition of continuous casting machine

Main parts: vibration table, crystallizer, tension leveler, flexible (hard) dummy bar traction, ramp, conveyor track, push steel storage, Siemens frequency conversion electronic control, pump station, etc., Reasonable design, less investment, effective , saving materials and workshop floor space, the continuous casting machine is an ideal supporting equipment for small and medium-sized steel mills.



The arc continuous casting machine adopts multi-roller transmission to disperses the tension and adopts continuous straightening, so as to minimize the deformation rate between the surface and the two phases region of the billet. The tensioning frame, roller and bearing seat are all in the form of internal cooling. It is beneficial to improve the quality of the billet and prolong the service life of the equipment. The crystallizer steel tube of continuous casting machine is curved and the inner wall is treated with hard chrome to increase the service life. After the liquid steel is crusted in the crystallizer, it is regulated by one or two stages of cooling water, and is spray-cooled along the curved track. Then entering the straightening machine and cutting it into length after full solidification.



Rolling machine introduction: Rolling machine is the equipment to realize the metal rolling process. It refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting transportation equipment and subsidiary equipment. However, the so-called rolling machines are often referred to only as the main equipment. The working frame is composed of roll, roll bearing, rolling machine guide, rack, rail seat, roll adjusting device, top-roll-balance arrangement device and roll changing device.



Design Principles:

Based on the principles of practical technology, advanced process, reliable equipment and reasonable economics, we adopt domestic mature and reliable process equipment to the full to save investment and shorten the construction period.

As far as possible in the process layout and equipment selection, we can produce as many varieties and specifications as possible;

Adhere to the principle of quality first, so that product quality meets the requirements of users while complying with relevant national standards.



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