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Low Calorific Fuel Gas Fired Industrial Hot Water Boiler Mechatronic Structure High Cooling Perormance

Low Calorific Fuel Gas Fired Industrial Hot Water Boiler Mechatronic Structure High Cooling Perormance
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Product Name: Series 10.5MW 1.25Mpa High Efficiency Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler
Pressure: 1.0/1.25MPa
Type: Natural Circulation
Efficiency: 96%
Output: Hot Water
Condition: New
After-sales Service Provided: 2 Years
Warranty: New
High Light:

oil steam boiler


oil fired hot water furnace

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: CE Certification
Model Number: OEM
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Carton, pallet, wooden case or according to customer's package requirements
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: 30% deposit + 70% T/T before shipping
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
Product Description

Product Discription


Pressure Hot Water Boiler


The steam boilers of the series are double drums, longitudinal -D series, fast steam boilers. The boiler series consists of upper and lower drums, membrane walls, convection pipes and capacitors. Fuel is burned in the boiler. Liquid gas is piped from the convection pipes into the chimney and waste heat recovery plant. With the mechatronic structure, the performance in China is leading.



Product Features

1. Advanced Control System:

Fully automatic control, users only have to press the start button, the boiler can be set according to the program to start the operation. Load control and automatic water supply are all automatic operations to meet the user's requirements.


2. In accordance with environmental requirements:

The range of the furnace is large and equipped with high -quality and reliable imported burners, so that fuel can be completely burned and harmful components in the exhaust gas reduced significantly. The inspection by the relevant departments shows that our oil and gas boilers meet the highest national environmental protection requirements and meet national environmental protection requirements. Continuous improvement of environmental requirements.


3. Different fuels:

The range of furnaces is large, the combustion of fuels is sufficient, especially suitable for low -calorific fuels such as coke oven gases, blast furnace gas, etc. The combustion efficiency of high -calorific fuels is better, such as natural gas, liquefied gas, etc.


4. Appropriate structure:

It is easy to fix the burner head by installing the front water wall in front of the boiler, which ensures the water level and cooling near the burner, and helps to eliminate carbon deposition in the burner and increase fuel consumption.


5. Easy maintenance:

The explosion -proof door, the fire -resistant hole and the overhaul door are mounted on the wall of the boiler and the shaft door is placed at the front and back of the boiler water to facilitate the overhaul of the boiler.





Technical Parameters


Main technical parameters of series pressure cushion water boilers
Rated Heat Efficiency MW 7 105 14 21 29 35 42 46
Rated Working Pressure MPa 1.0/125 L0/L25 1.0/1^5 1^5/1.6 125/L6 1-25/1.6 L25/L6 1.25/16
Rated Effluent temperature °C 115/130 115/130 115/130 115/130 115/130 115/130 115/130 115/130
Return water temperature °C 70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
Efficiency / >96%
Design Fuel /

Natural gas, liquid gas, city gas, light oil


Liquefied gas,


City Gas


Light oil


Theoretical consumption

gas NM3/h 731 1097 1462 2191 3026 3657 4383 4799
Liquid gas Kg/h 586 877 1169 1755 2421 2928 3511 3843
City Gas NM3/h 1572 2354 3138 4705 6503 7839 9149 9991
Light Oil Kg/h 599 899 H93 1801 2479 2989 3601 3943
Natural gas mbar 150-200 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300
City gas mbar 150-200 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300 150-300
Rated water circulation M³/h 133/100 200/150 266/200 400/300 551/414 665/500 798/600 874/657


Note: The fuel consumption in the table is calculated by low calorific value of light oil 42915KJ/Kg (10260Kcal/Kg), low calorific value of natural gas 35588KJ/NM3 (8500Kcal/NM3), low calorific value of liquefied gas 45998KJ/Kg (11000Kcal/Kg), low calorific value of urban gas 16750K/NM3 (4000Kcal/NM3).


Configuration and Interface Dimensions of Series Pressure Overlay Boilers

Host transport dimensions

(length * width * height)

/ mm







Separate transportation Separate transportation Separate transportation Separate transportation Separate transportation
Host Weight / t 150/200 200 200 300 300 350 350 400
Outlet Valve Diameter DN mm 150/200 200 200 2*200 2*200 2*200 2*200 2*300
Backwater Valve Diameter DN mm 50 50 2*50 2*50 2*50 2*50 2*50 2*50
Atmospheric Connecting Pipe Diameter DN mm 750 1000 1100 1400 1700 2000 2000 2200

Note: Due to the continuous updating of products, the company reserves the right to modify the data in the above two tables.

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