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Electric Heat Treatment Furnace , Electric Heat Treat Oven 380V / 50HZ With PID Control

Electric Heat Treatment Furnace , Electric Heat Treat Oven 380V / 50HZ With PID Control
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Equipment Model: RT3 Series
Power Supply: Three Phase / 380V / 50HZ
Rated Power: Output Power Is Adjustable
Feature: Energy Saving
Furnace Body Lining Structure: Welded By Steel Plate And Section Steel
Bogie Structure: Heavy Load Resisting
High Light:

car bottom annealing furnace


car bottom electric furnace

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: CE Certification
Model Number: OEM
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Carton, pallet, wooden case or according to customer's package requirements
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: 30% deposit + 70% T/T before shipping
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
Product Description

Car Bottom Furnace



Summary of Energy-saving Bogie-hearthresistance Furnace with Full Fiber Lining and Lightweight Refractory Brick Lining


I. Usage:


The bogie-hearthresistance furnace is mainly suitable for quenching, normalizing, tempering, quenching and tempering, annealing, stress relief annealing and other metal materials heat treatment of die steel, alloy steel, special steel and high manganese steel.



2. Composition:


The bogie-hearthresistance furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, lining, bogie, furnace bottom plate, heating elements, electric furnace door lifting and traveling mechanism of electric bogie, control system, etc.



3. Main technical parameters: (calculate and determine according to the actual needs of the user)


1, equipment model: RT3 series

2, working size: length × width × height

3, rated power: kw (output power can be adjusted)

4, power supply: three-phase / 380V / 50HZ

5, rated temperature: °C

6, working temperature: room temperature ~ °C arbitrary setting according to process requirements

7, heating temperature control zone: zone

8, empty furnace power loss: ≤ kw

9. furnace outer wall temperature: ≤°C

10, temperature control accuracy: ± ° C

11, loading capacity: >kg

12, set weight: ≈Kg



13. Temperature control methods:


(1) The electric furnace control system adopts thyristor element, no contact on-off, PID regulation intelligent programming control, programmable and automatic completion of heating, heat preservation and cooling time, and is equipped with touch-screen recording function instrument, USB interface and communication interface so that the process curve can be recorded, printed and archived.


(2) The output power can be adjusted automatically and manually according to the furnace charging and process requirements, and the lag phenomenon can be overcome. The high precision temperature control and constant temperature also can be achieved, and the accuracy of temperature control can reach (+1℃).


(3) Temperature observation is through digital display instrument, current and voltage are equipped with instrument observation, and operation control adopts button and light display.


(4) The control system is energy-saving configuration and can save 20-30% of energy.



4. Brief introduction of configuration:


1. Furnace body lining structure: Furnace body is welded by steel plate and section steel. According to different force (heating)parts, different configuration materials are selected to meet different strength requirements, which make it solid and reliable, and has the characteristics of reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.Furnace lining adopts energy-saving full-fiber lining, the total thickness of fibers is more than 300 mm. The fibers are prefabricated modules before installation and is fixed with heat-resistant steel anchor inside the module when it is installed. It features good heat preservation performance, energy saving and convenient maintenance. (Energy-saving lightweight refractory brick lining structure can also be selected by users)


2. Bogie structure: The bogie is designed to resist heavy load, and its strength and stiffness are guaranteed not to deform under full load. Heavy bricks are used in the body of the bogie to enhance the lining structure strength. The bogie is driven by electric drive structure and the traveling wheel is driven by the chain wheel of the reducer on the track. The bogie seals adopt overlapping structure seals and soft contact double seals.


3. Furnace door mechanism: Furnace door device consists of furnace door pillar, furnace door, furnace door lifting mechanism and furnace door pressing device. The shell of furnace door is welded with section steel and plate to form a solid frame structure. The lifting of furnace door is realized by rolling the roller up and down on the guide rail. This ensures the sealing between the masonry of furnace door and the masonry of furnace body when it is closed, and also ensures that the masonry body will not be damaged by friction during the opening process. The lifting power of the furnace door is provided by the driving sprocket of the hoist. The fiber module is assembled in the furnace door, which has the advantages of good heat preservation performance and light weight. In order to ensure the safety of operation, interlocking control and protection devices are also designed on the limit control system.



4. Bottom plate of furnace: Bottom plate of cast steel furnace with pressure and high temperature resistance is installed on the bogie as load-bearing part, which can prevent the oxide on the workpiece from falling on the electrothermal element in the brick trough of the bogie.



5. Heating element: It adopts high temperature resistant high alloy resistance tape (resistance wire), which is wound into a corrugated shape and is arranged on the sides of the furnace chamber, the furnace door, the back wall and the bogie wire brick by five-sided heating method (three-sided heating method can also be adopted: two side and bottom of the furnace), the resistance band is fixed with high-aluminum porcelain nails. The resistor strip is easy to install, firm and reliable, has high thermal efficiency, and has a long service life.



5. Scope of supply of complete sets of equipment:

1. Heating furnace body 1 set

2. control system 1 set

3. external wiring diagram of electric furnace 1

4. electrical schematic diagram of temperature control system 1

5. operation instruction of electric furnace and instrument 1

6. qualification certificate for product testing 1

7. external track of bogie 2

8. If the equipment needs prefabricated foundation, the basic map can be provided. 1



6. the whole set of equipment safety devices:


1. Each machine is equipped with interlocking protection function and has over-temperature alarm function.

2. All heating elements have automatic circuit breaking protection system.



7. Installation and training:


1. After the equipment arrives at the production site of the demander, the demander shall be responsible for the equipment in place.

2. The supplier shall be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and the demander shall assist.

3. The supplier trains the necessary operators for the demander.

4. The power supply cables and accessories required for installation and commissioning shall be provided by the demander.



8. Quality Commitment:


In the case of normal operation and correct use of the equipment, the warranty period is one year, life-long maintenance and permanently preferential spare parts are also provided. In the design and manufacturing of the equipment, high-quality materials are selected, and the electrical components of the supporting parts are selected from the products of well-known enterprises. It also promises that if the demander reflect the quality of equipment, the supplier will reply in the shortest time, and if on-site service is required, the supplier will assign maintenance personnel in time.

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