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High Withdrawal Speed CCM Steel Casting Machine , Copper Casting Machine

High Withdrawal Speed CCM Steel Casting Machine , Copper Casting Machine
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Type: Square CCM
Application: Continuous Casting Machine
Condition: Brand New
Standard: ISO9001
Warranty: One Year
Brand: SEEC
High Light:

continuous casting machine


aluminium continuous casting machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: CE Certification
Model Number: OEM
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Carton, pallet, wooden case or according to customer's package requirements
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: 30% deposit + 70% T/T before shipping
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
Product Description

CCM Continuous Casting Machine Tundish car withdrawal and straightening machine


 Continuous casting machine related products introduction


A. Energy-saving withdrawal and straightening machine


Main technical parameters:

Power (kW): 13.6

Withdrawal speed range (m/mim): 0.4-4.2

Caster radius (m): R4, R5.25, R6

Application: The withdrawal and straightening machine is a key equipment of a continuous caster, which is used to insert the dummy bar into the mould and withdraw the strand from the mould and straighten it with the dummy bar.

Features: The srewdown device of the energy-saving withdrawal and straightening machine produced by the factory realizes the srewdown by mechanical rolling ball screw rod which is driven by a synchronic motor via a reducer. The machine body is made of new material by new technology, which features the smaller weight and longer service life.


B. High Mould

Main technical:

Water jacket: 4-8mm

Copper tube length: 812, 850, 900, 1000


C. Ladle turret

1. Function: ladle turret play the role of move the steel from the ladle to pulling the steel into continuous casting.

2. Components: rotary bearing, transmission device

Load capacity: 50-200T

Angle of rotation: 360°

Rotating speed: 1r/min

Swing motor capacity: 7.5-15kw


D. Tundish car

Main technical parameters:

Carrying capacity: 3-10t

Mass of a car body: 1.0-2.0t

Traveling mechanism:

Traveling speed 4.2m/min
Traveling distance 5000mm
Track gauge Depending on ladle size
Wheel spacing Depending on ladle size

Function: Tundish car is located on the casting platform for the support and transfer of tundish.

Structural characteristics:

Normally two tundish cars are used on the continuous casting machine, one with a tundish in casting operation, one with a tundish waiting for casting. This realizes the multi-heat continuous casting. The car is provided with a fine tuning centering device to center the tundish port with the center point of mould port.


E. Dummy bar and dummy bar storage


a. Dummy bar storage:

Main technical parameters as follow:

Linear speed of outer bow friction wheel (m/min) 3.51
Linear speed of inner bow friction wheel (m/min) 3.43
Gear ratio of reducer 351
Power of motor (kW) 1.1

Application: The storage stand for rigid dummy bar is used to lower the dummy bar to the withdrawal and straightening machine before casting and then the withdrawal and straightening machine feed it into the mould. In withdrawal the dummy bar is pulled by the withdrawal and straightening machine to withdraw the strand from the mould and then it is retracted to the storage strand.

Features: This device is based on the principle of ratchet wheel for the purpose that it can be rotating simultaneously with the withdrawal and straightening machine as far as the withdrawal and straightening machine is in operation. It features the compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.


b. Rigid dummy bar

Main technical parameters as follow:

Outer bow radius of bar body:
R4000mm, R5250mm, R6000mm, R7000mm, R8000mm, R9000mm
Section dimension of bar body:
90*90mm; 100*100mm; 120*120mm; 150*150mm; 160*160mm; 170*170mm; 180*180mm; 80*240mm; 160*400mm; φ100*100mm; φ120*120mm;

Application:The dummy bar is used to tract and lead the cooled and solidified strand and pull it out by the withdrawal and straightening machine.

Features:In order to avoid the deformation of dummy bar body due to heating, the dummy bar is equipped with a cooling water pipe inside the bar body. It has the features of smaller deformation, long service life, simple structure and installation, easy operation and maintenance.


F. Walking beam cooler

1. Structure

This stepping cooling bed is consisting of moving components (including movable tooth plate, movable tooth plate stand, movable frame, tilt stand, wheel, trolley, shields, etc.).

Fix components (including stable tooth plate, stable tooth plate stand, backbone etc.).

Drive components (including lift cylinder, sideslip cylinder, cylinder bearing, rocker shaft, shaft bracket, etc.). Hydraulic station and electrical control equipment.

2. Parameters

Name Parameters Notes
Working capacity 400t/h Continuous casting slab size 1502x12000
Cooling bed size 19m×11m Permit continuous casting slab maximum length 12m
Movable and stable tooth pitch 300mm  
Movable tooth plate sideslip distance 300mm  
Vertical moving distance 220mm  
Lift cylinder diameter φ220mm, travel 565mm  
Sideslip cylinder diameter φ160mm, travel 445mm  
Hydraulic station power 3 sets 75kW motor

(2 with 1 backup)


Working cycle Adjustable, best working Cycle 20s


3. Working performance:

Using for uniform cooling of the continuous casting slab. When continuous casting slab fell into the stepping cooling bed, movable tooth plate hold it up, after more than the height of stable tooth plate tooth peak, the movable components will move continuous casting slab forward to the next tooth position, and later movable tooth plate fall, when the slab in contact with the stable tooth plate tooth peak, the slab traverse center of gravity will in front of stable tooth plate tooth peak, it continues to fall, the slab will be flipped 90 °and falling into stable tooth plate. Next, the movable tooth plate moved backward to the initial position, it completed a working cycle. A working cycle is relying on the telescopic of two group cylinders to achieve. And the telescopic of cylinder is controlled by hydraulic valve and electrical. 






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